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meet the team

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Zoë Huml

Founder & Director

HIP Hero Club

Passionate about using psychology to inspire individual and social change, Zoë is a Research Assistant at the Stanford psychology Mind & Body Lab and the founder of the HIP Hero Club. Leading the development of HIP’s Hero Club allows her to have an impact by inspiring youth heroes across the globe.


Head of Expansion

HIP Hero Club

Sepulveda Sagaseta


An aspiring social entrepreneur, Fernando is driven by a desire to change the world for the better. At HIP, he hopes to support the launch of the HIP Hero Club across the globe and spark a new wave of student leadership and service.

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Heroic Imagination Project

Internationally recognized as the “voice and face of contemporary psychology”, Zimbardo is a Stanford University Emeritus professor of psychology.

His classic research, His classic Stanford Prison Experiment (August 1971) recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.


Matt Langdon


Heroic Imagination Project

A teacher of heroism since 2006 to a wide range of audiences around the world. His book, The Hero Handbook was published in 2021.

His focus has been on building a community around heroism studies, resulting in the The Hero Round Table conference series.

Dr. Philip Zimbardo

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